NKOTB Cruise 2017 Recap Part 5 – The Time I Skipped Mexico (Again)

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Day 3 already and it was flying by. Faster than normal which generally means I must have been having a great time. That’s the thing, I don’t even have horror stories or anything really bad because I am either really lucky to have a good time every time OR I am not drunk enough and way too much in control of what happens on the ship. It’s a little of both, and the latter will be changing next time.

So knowing this was my time to do my thing I grabbed my phone and headed to the top of the ship to get pictures of Mexico. I have no desire to visit. I can say for certain the WEATHER was completely different this year. It was rain. The clouds had been shit the entire cruise so far minus sail away. Windy and wretched. The clouds went away just long enough for some hot sun in Mexico and for me to get photos.

After ignoring an entire country again, I went about my goal of visiting doors! I only made it on 4 of the decks but these were my favorites!

Our door was extremely simple but very impactful:

Now because we are at a port, they shut down the stores and casino games, even the bar in there. I still sat in the casino for a long time chatting with people. A LOT of people stayed on the ship this year, way more than last year. I was looking pretty tired by that day I think, as I shudder looking at pictures with people that day. Ew…. But life got better when Angel woke up and joined me.

We didn’t really have any plans that day, we didn’t want to go to Joe’s thing (Sorry Joe!) so really it was all about waiting for the concert. This part was kind of a shitty twist because I was so psyched before the cruise being in group B and having the concert first, because it meant I could go out really early for glow night. That joy turned to being bummed because they switched the days and we had the concert before glow night. Say goodbye to having a chance at having my awesome costume seen. I spent the most money and time by far on the costume and for nothing, save for a really cool guard and all my friends who loved it.

I was actually waiting by the lido doors for Angel to finish getting ready, just waiting until the last second to turn on all 4 of my battery packs when wouldn’t you know it, all 5 guys show up and run up the stairs for the party. Dammit, I should have just turned that shit on, they would NOT have been able to miss it. I adored the stair guard was totally into the buckles on my shoes tho. It was a fun party, even if the giant unicorn heads in front of me got to be on stage instead of me. I don’t care about the stages, just want to be seen, get a wave, whatever. Fun party. But even more fun at the casino afterwards. We literally made our own after party with Gary and Shannon!

Logged 6 hours of blissful sleep soon after, I was clearly reaching geriatric levels of sleep, which was kind of good because that night into the day was THE WORST for boat swaying.


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  1. Interesting costume! I like your door decor. We could all use a little kindness.

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