NKOTB Cruise 2017 Recap Part 6 – The Ocean Is A Bitch and Delay Of Game

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Okay so we made it to the last day. The ocean was not giving us up without a fight. This cruise was horrible for boat sway. I have SEVERAL friends who have never ever had sea sickness and they were down for the count on more than one occasion. I am lucky, I had no issues. But let’s just say that shitty part where the photo days and concerts got switched was a blessing for me. The morning of the last day was when group A had their photos. Aside from everyone pretty much dipping into their reserves for energy, people were just starting to turn green from several days of being tossed around the ocean like a turd swirling in a toilet. And the hangover factor of a few members of NKOTB was at it’s peak that morning. Gone is the fresh faced excitement by that point. people are just tired. Me? I slept great and was feeling amazing. I sat on my bar stool perch in the casino and hung out. We ran into a couple of hotties and had fun chatting them up a bit. I don’t remember where they were from but these guys weren’t from the U.S. They loved us. I am telling you, the conversations and meeting people in that casino has become one of my favorite parts of the entire cruise.

When Angel and I had to go eat, we would sit in the lido buffet and look around at all the things that were shaking and making noise because we were hauling ass to to NOLA but also because it was storming, bad. It was hard to sit still and eat because of the swaying and vibrations. It didn’t make us sick but you could really feel everything. We wanted to venture up to deck 10 for some fresh air, because being in the casino for smoke breaks was getting stuffy. We hit the doors and immediately went back inside, there was wind and horizontal rain. I though there must have been a hurricane in the gulf. It was BAD. The guys were scheduled to have an acoustic concert on the lido deck later that day.

They had to cancel the event y’all.

I was out there when the crew was trying desperately to cover all of the electronics to protect them. There was still people camping out by the stage soaked to the bone. I had never seen anything like it. I spent the next several hours worried that GPS would be threatened because of the weather. Because not only was it not dry, it was also windy and cold. And we don’t even need to talk about how unsafe the stage would be with all that water. With the cancellation, Joey took it upon himself to do a 2 hour impromptu concert in the atrium. That I missed. Again, sorry Joe! I just chilled in my casino spot most of the afternoon. Donnie was also doing a selfie line. I had all my selfies so I didn’t go, but I wish I had went with Angel because I know she wanted to.

I went back to the room to pack my stuff and start taking the door down. I had a moment of silence for it since I made it myself and was about to rip it down. After we had dinner I set out my pants and shoes for getting off the ship, got my papers in order and then got ready for GPS. I wish I had taken pics of my entire outfit because my shorts were cute. I went with USA this year because after two years of trying to get Michigan some attention at these parties, it wasn’t happening. Angel and I wore cute light up headband things.

GPS, Block Party Style @nkotb #NKOTBCruise2017

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We went to the casino again before the party and hung out too long thinking the guys would be late. The funny thing is they weren’t late for anything this year. They were out there for GPS for an hour before we made it up there. Had the casino had the lido camera on the TV we would have known they were out there and left before. I need to make a note to make sure next year, that the casino bar has the lido channel on at all times!

This party is usually my favorite. It was my 2nd favorite this year and it is mostly because I love seeing everyone. I loved that I spent most of the night dancing next to my NYC girls!

And our Ohio girls Autumn and Heather!

It probably also helped that I was right buzzed off of my Moscato wine before I went up to the deck. I had a blast dancing all night. I generally stay out until the party shuts down. This year was no different. Angel and I lingered afterwards while they were breaking the stage and DJ stuff down and snuck up to the all access area because she wanted to talk to Babs one more time. If you all remember, I was still fangirling him. I begged her to introduce me because I lose my cool when I am around photographers that I love. (Sorry NKOTB, my fangirl for you is nothing compared to photographers. It’s not you, it’s me ). Angel did introduce me, and if you could have just seen my face when he recognized me AND said that he sees all my stuff in Instagram. Y’all….. I went speechless and that is rare. I don’t know why I was nervous, he is amazing.

We spent time up on 10 with our friend Pearl until near sunrise, and then we went to breakfast with her. I had to stop eating and run up to the lido, a few stairs up because this had to be photographed!

Sunrise Over the Mississippi River #nkotbcruise2017 #travelphotography

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One more casino visit and some goodbyes, and then it was time to grab our shit and get off the boat! We were heading to hotel instead of the airport. It took hours to get our room. I stayed and showered when everyone else went to get Subway. I passed out while they were still eating. I didn’t wake up for 12 HOURS. And I went back to sleep again too because we had to be at the airport extremely early.

This was us at the end of our cruise journey…

Final thoughts: Even though the ocean tried it’s hardest to make everyone throw up, it didn’t phase me. Even though I was late to at least 3 deck parties, I still managed to have an amazing cruise. Seeing all the friends I made, making new friends, and of course all the moments with NKOTB this year just made it the best of all three so far. The fact that Angel was my roomie this year was a winning combination. Any time I seemed to be rushing or annoyed, she gave me a chill pill speech and reminded me that everything was fine. Going with the flow just makes it so much easier! next cruise is going to paradise and I cannot wait to enjoy it with her again!

Two things to improve for future cruises:

  1. Deck Party Lighting SUCKS. PLEASE bring back some white spotlights. GPS was especially dark and shitty. Neon night should have been black light and it was, the rest of the parties need lots of light.
  2. Lido stage. Honestly the setup really sucked this year. I can get over the catwalk being there but having three sets of HUGE stairs and a roped off section around it all made the lido floor impossibly small, and it is already smaller than other ships to begin with.

Other than that, had an amazing time. AHHHHHHmazing.

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