NKOTB Cruise 2017 Recap Part 4 – When I Wished I Was Wearing Depends And Realized I’m Really Not Cool

In case you missed it, here is parts 1, 2 and 3 – All caught up? Good.

Superhero Night. Admittedly I am a massive comic book fan and hated this theme, mostly because there is very little room to be original. There was going to be a million wonderwomen, super girls, batgirls, and I am not one of many I am a lone wolf. I rebelled so hard on this theme that this was the core of my costume:

But after the Blue Bloods screening and the party began, things took a massive turn and I literally felt like I was going to pee out the 5 shots I just drank. It was all fine and good when Danny, Jordan and Joe came out, then Donnie and Jon decided to kill my bladder with their costumes, Ace and Gary, the Ambigiously Gay Duo from SNL. It wasn’t enough to just stand there, they had to recreate the provocative poses, which was making my bladder very weak from laughing so hard. It just got worse when they hit the stage because they danced in that crazy shit, and the pinnacle of all this was when Donnie stopped the music to laugh.

Easily my favorite night, I never stopped laughing ? #superheroparty #NKOTBCruise2017

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I’m happy to report I did not pee myself but rest assured, this night I was very grateful that my cabin was on the same deck as the party.

Angel had disappeared during Blue Bloods and later came and pulled me away asking why I didn’t get her messages. UM, cruise wifi sucks. Apparently she was in the casino smoking when someone from Rose Tours came in handing out VIP bracelets. I ad never been up there so we went up, since it was next to the smoking area anyway. Ummm unless you have a bracelet before the party you can’t see anything because there are people already at the balcony. You can’t go in where the DJ stuff is or anything, and at night you can’t really SEE in there much anyway. But there was a lot more room to dance or whatever. It’s just a spot with more room to move. We did get a chance to see the party when our friends asked us to stand there for them for a minute, and I got some fun pics.

After that we left the party for the casino but headed to the After Party line. When you are one of the cool people who knows people, or is known by Donnie and on his list or just cool, you don’t have to stand in line. You get to go right in. I didn’t want to stand in line but Angel did and I don’t leave friends behind so I waited with her. For 2 hours. It was after 5 when some guy said that they were shutting down at 5:30 and there was still 30 people with bracelets waiting to get into the actual party. A little after 5 I said I was going to sit at the casino bar and then probably go pass out. After a while Angel gave up too. Another reality, I’m never going to a cruise After Party because I am just not cool. Again I am fine with that because I am still awesome. To me anyway.

Logged 4 hours of sleep, that night, totally slept in by cruise standards.

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