NKOTB Cruise 2017 Recap Part 3 – The Boat’s A Rockin’ and Photo Day Awkwardness

We  got up early on day two to get ready for pictures. I am used to being ready early and waiting in line by 9 AM. Angel, not so much. It took her longer to wake up, even longer to get ready. I wasn’t about to leave her alone so I waited with her. I found our group with 15 minutes to go and was shocked to learn that they gave our Donnie spots away. They said they couldn’t find us or contact us and were worried. I’m not mad at them for it but I was really disappointed because I knew at that moment that me and Angel would not be able to stand with Donnie together because by that point there was NO WAY that anyone had room for two Donnie girls. We visited the room of doom but took the first group of people that had a Donnie and and other guy spot. As long as she was with Donnie, I didn’t care. Donnie was mad at her last year because she was forced to stand with someone else. It worked out, our group had one girl from Ohio that I know really well and also some other girls, one of which who was REALLY nice. She had to sit because she was seasick and we had some great conversation waiting in line. It is nice to meet new people truly, so I have no regrets! I ended up with Joe, which is a nice consolation prize. True to form, I busted his balls, like I do almost every time I see him.

It’s also rather easy to wake up on the cruise for me because I am not part of the cool crowd that gets invited to the after parties. I’ve come to terms with my lack of coolness when it comes to rubbing elbows with Donnie. I just do me, eventually coolness will find me.


The meet and greet went like this..

5 tired guys who were EXTREMELY quiet, like funeral quiet. I never experienced being towards the back of the line so I didn’t know what to expect. I was hoping they wouldn’t be grumpy. They were not.

Danny – Arms stretched out wide and a big smile, just like my stage meet in Grand Rapids. I adore this. Big hug and me asking him how he is doing, also me telling him I am terrified I am going to fall on him. I was legit terrified this was going to happen. He says no you are just fine I promise.

Donnie – Hi Donnie, big smiles, and him whispering in my ear “Hi gorgeous how are you?” Me melting inside. Jordan is my man but that damn Wahlberg, he does something to my soul with his cavity inducing sweetness sometimes. I wish I could have had the photo with me AND Angel with him, I’d love to have seen his true reaction to double trouble with matching hair and attitude.

Jordan – Hey J, hug, then I say to him I am sorry I couldn’t stand with you today but you know what’s up, as I grab my necklace with his face on it, completely forgetting that I am holding it above my cleavage. Well shit, at least he knows where my heart is, right?

Joe – I say to him Hi Joe, I guess I am stuck with you today! He says stuck? Goes in for the hug and says I guess it’s your lucky day then? I just said uh huh, sure! He started laughing and then we posed for the pic.



Jon – Hi Jon, and FINALLY I got a real hug from him on the cruise. It’s been rushed for the past two cruises so it was nice to get one of those amazing Jon hugs on the cruise. I told him that too about it being rushed before but I loved his real hug. And then he flashes that smile and I just died from cuteness overload. And also told him I am terrified the waves would send me crashing.

Me: Not a single one of them has a single clue who I am still… but 5 hugs in the span of 2 minutes? I’ll take it.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in the casino, eating at the buffet, and just spending time with friends.  Later we got ready for Super Hero night, which started after group A’s concert with a Blue Bloods viewing. I was standing with friends and knocking back shots when Donnie pops up out of nowhere scaring the shit out of me. He was walking the upper decks taking selfies with people while we watched the show. It was great because there was no pushing, no lines, no chaos. Just him with a couple of guards walking through. I wish they all could do this.

Angles Donnie, let’s work on the camera angle. We look cute tho!

Then it was party time, which will be another post because this party was my favorite by far, the most I have ever laughed in my life, a brief time in VIP for the first time, really just needs a post of its own. And I need to get some Depends.

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