New Kids On The Block Cruise 2016 Recap Part 4; The Final Chapter

Okay sooo dramatic title, right? As I am typing this, thousands of Blockheads are waiting on baited breath for the big cruise announcement for this year. I, however, am not. Financially I had to make a choice and it was one of those that was going to affect my marriage so I am not going this year unless I win a raffle. That being said, I have had a few months to reflect on the last day of the cruise from 2016, which was filled to the brim and even more amazing than last year.

Okay so I promised at the end of the last post to tell you about the Trifecta performance. The Trifecta was Danny, Jordan and Joe. Danny did his #SoloWood stuff. I was lucky enough to catch his tour last year and this was going to be another performance. What was going to start as a great show quickly took a turn when some random fan in the crowd decided to yell “Where’s Joe?” during his performance. She basically got her ass handed to her by Danny and the entire audience. It was incredibly rude of her and I know she was in tears and left. I bet she won’t cruise again and if she does she will be alone because that level of disrespect makes people not like you so much. At any rate, Danny did a great job but the best part was when we all decided to slowly turn on our flashlights during his song and when he looked up and saw us and started to get emotional, WOW. I had a seat where I could see right into the side stage and I could clearly see Danny’s dad crying and then Abbie (director of Remember Betty) was in tears and they were hugging it out. It was the most beautiful thing!

Then it was Jordan. I have been a Jordan girl for 29 years. In all of those years I have NEVER cried about him, not meeting him which is amazing, or seeing him sing the way he does. But that night? I ugly cried along with most of the audience including his sister! It was Jordan and a piano, nothing else. He sang 3 songs, She’s Got A Way by Billy Joel, You Make Me Feel Brand New (made me cry!) by The Stylistics, and Purple Rain by Prince. He was absolutely amazing. Having never been able to see Jordan’s solo stuff live, this was my favorite moment of the entire cruise. Also, I just so happened to record his entire performance!

Last up was Joe’s performance which was mostly comedy involving Adam Ray and a banana.. and wow we were howling it was so funny!

After trifecta I went and got ready for GPS night and packed my stuff, because if you remember last year’s post, we party until the sun comes up and then leave. GPS this cruise was much different for me. I have a few photos of the guys but that is because my squad decided to PARTY.  We took spots right next to the pool because there was room to dance! We couldn’t even see the stage. And when I say dance, I mean WE WERE DANCING for hours! We just happened to be right under Jenny McCarthy and her BFFS and they LOVED US ALL NIGHT. They would look down and sing along with us and just give us so much love and attention. I spent so much time having the time of my life with my friends! I was pretty close to Jillian and VERY close to Steph by this point but the rest of the squad, we became good friends on this cruise. And that is really what it is all about. You can delude yourself into thinking that this cruise is going to provide you ample face time with the guys but that isn’t true, it’s really a crapshoot.

But I can say that on GPS night I got Jordan waving to me. He was up there hanging out with Jenny and I was in my tiger hat glory and I waved until he saw me and then he pointed to me and waved and then gave a thumbs up. Of course I didn’t get a picture until he turned haha

Maybe it wasn’t the face time of my first cruise but that moment was ONLY for me, which means as much as the first time.  My first cruise, GPS night was when everyone would wear their home colors and just love. The guys would grab country flags, bring up different regions to the stage etc. This year, for the entire cruise, I felt like the same people kept getting up there but what is worse, Donnie let them stay up there for hours. I wasn’t near the stage, I had no chance of getting up there but some of my friends were stuck up there and really wanted to get off after a time they were tired from dancing. Had he taken those people off, more and more people could have a chance to be seen and show their hometown pride.

Still, this night was completely amazing because I spent it having the time of my life dancing and partying with my friends, and NKOTB and anyone else were just a bonus. I made sure to take a ton of selfies that night too because this was my last cruise and I wouldn’t see these people for a long time!

Overall, I would have to say this cruise wasn’t better or worse than my first in 2015. I had the Town Hall moment on my first cruise and that is the most special moment of all time for me and I can’t really expect that kind of awesomeness on every cruise. But I can say I had more fun this time. I did the cruise my way, which meant that I left parties when I felt like it, I didn’t bum rush the stages and decided to dance with my friends. I wasn’t ALONE this time, and actually had people actively looking for me. I didn’t know anyone my first cruise, sure I had a few people but not many. I spent 3 nights next to my NY girls. I had 2 selfies with Donnie this year and one with Danny, neither of which I got the first cruise. I had “moments” (waves, smiles, hand grabs etc) with everyone except Joe. Still didn’t get my Jordan selfie, and I could have.. more on that later…

Another thing that made GPS night amazing for me was FINALLY getting to hang out with my girl Angel. We were dancing forever and then I needed a break, I needed to eat so we escaped. Sadly she had a BH attached to her that is not nice. The minute she opened her mouth she was talking shit about my bestie. I don’t like this girl, nobody does. The guys don’t like her because she has no regard for anyone around her. I told her to stop following us and go back to the party and Angel was rescued. We had pizza in my room then went pack to the party. It was getting to the end, and Angel and I were still dancing. In fact we were the ONLY ones dancing all the way until the DJ’s were done. Angel and I became very close on this cruise. If I could cruise again I would have her be my roomie because I loved her! I ended up with her and my girl Veronica up on deck 11 at the back of the ship to get the overall view of the party and it was amazing!

Then it was time to get off the boat, we didn’t wait until our assigned time. Customs was fast and before I knew it I was face to face with Donnie and Jenny. They were EXHAUSTED but still cute. Unfair really. I thanked them and said bye guys in a sad tone and they said bye in the same way, it was cute. They were waiting for their ride and with security and also tired so it was just brief. After that I was outside waiting forever for Steph to get out and give me a hug goodbye. She totally cried. I love her!

At the airport in New Orleans, things got interesting. Roomie had an earlier flight so I waited with her. We were both flying American so it was the same area. She needed to go to the restroom and then came back sweaty and looking like she was having a stroke. I was like OMG are you okay. She flips her phone over to show me a JORDAN SELFIE. OMG! I was about to pee my own pants and she mentioned that he is crabby and not to ask for a selfie. I ignored her (haha) and set off for the bathroom. On the way I just about walked into a Bro hug between Danny and Jon. Jon walked to the cafe on my right and Danny was there, alone. I went up to him and thanked him for an amazing cruise. We both looked SO tired and I said I would ask for a selfie but we are both so tired and he said well if you want one lets do it and I did!

Not my first selfie with Danny but definitely not blurry this time! It took me 3 DAYS to realize he had shaved his facial hair lol. it wasn’t long after that that I came across Jordan. I saw my friend Claudia hugging him and then she was standing alone looking worried. Jordan sat down 4 feet away and started eating. After I hugged Claudia I FOUGHT HARD AGAINST THE URGE to ask Jordan. I kept glancing and he was eating like a hungry beast. I was raised better than to interrupt someone’s meal so I didn’t. I took the high road. He doesn’t remember and probably never will, but maybe someday it will trigger a memory, the time that girl at the airport didn’t bug him for a selfie. I know it was my last chance but I just couldn’t.

I saw my roomie off on her flight then got up and went to the Boston terminal because my girls Tina and Cara were there. We talked for a LONG time about the cruise, what worked, what didn’t, the fact we were kind of bored more than we should have been, basically mixed feelings. Naturally I was looking for Jordan too but he was hiding a few terminals away from what I heard. I went to find a magnet (I collect place magnets) and on the way back saw that Jon and Angela had sat down in the terminal. I waved and walked. Poor Jon, he was so tired. I stopped in my tracks and turned around and went right up to Jon and Angie and apologized for not saying anything but basically wished them both a safe flight and then thanked Jon for making my cruise amazing. Do I think he would remember hitting my cigarette on this cruise? Probably not, lol but I know I would kick myself if I hadn’t been a nice person and wished them well. I think I had more face time with 3 guys in the airport than I did the whole cruise. It is completely weird seeing them without security.

I was on a plane myself a while later. I bought a damn hoodie because that airport was absolutely FREEZING. I fell asleep a few times waiting and then on the plane PASSED OUT. I didn’t land until around midnight and my hubby was in Detroit waiting for me. We had a two hour drive home but it took longer because we both had to take turns driving and I literally had to stop driving I was too tired. We stopped at a store for caffeine and gas and went on. I suddenly felt a shift in my energies and felt extremely sick. It was about 1:30 AM. I looked down at my phone because I was following status updates about Jenny from Tenny. She had found out about a week or so before the cruise that she had bad pneumonia but worse, her cancer returned and spread. She was sick for a long time and didn’t get seen she is a tough cookie and just thought she didn’t feel good. She died that day, according to her brother, she actually passed away the same time I had my empath sick to my stomach feeling. She had two weeks TWO WEEKS she went from sick to gone. She was a massive block head. Donnie and Danny were very sweet posting about her. I couldn’t believe that I had been her roommate a year before and she was gone. What an emotional ending to vacation.

I am not cruising this year because I promised hubby. We need to recover financially. He just started as a truck driver again recently and we have to shift life and finances and get in a groove. I am going to the concert in Grand Rapids and Fenway but I am not cruising this year unless I win. Even more, 2k is too much to spend on a chance to be next to the guys. Sure I had fun with friends but I was there for the guys first. Instead I am spending money on more time with them before the concert. Someday when I get recognized as a photographer, maybe they will let me have access to them for photos and only then, they whole star struck feelings will be gone. Actually, finally getting them all to myself for a few minutes in May will take care of that. Maybe….

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