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Recently I was lucky enough to be asked if I wanted to test drive a Mitsubishi Outlander, This beauty features a 3rd row, which comes in handy when you have an almost 18 year old. The perks of this car upon arrival was that it was sleek looking and comfortably fit 2 adults and 3 kids. with the basic needs covered, I took a deeper look and decided to talk about the things I love!

1. Handling – This is no giant mom vehicle, this is a super responsive car that has a nice turning ability, especially sharp ones. I think the size of the vehicle and the handling, the way the tires hug the pavement makes turning a breeze!

2. Rear camera – My cars are old, and I would sell a body part to be able to have back up cameras, back up alarms and keyless entry and ignition. People take these for granted but for me they are a major luxury.

3. Navigation. Another perk that isn’t car related but on the display it was so easy to follow.

4. Automatic back hatch lift. No more putting stuff down to pull open the hatch or close it, you can use the key fob to open it and there is a button at the top of the hatch door that closes it for you too!

5. Gas mileage. This one is always my #1 when I am asked what is my favorite. I drove the car for a week in Eco Mode and went all over town, grocery shopping and more and still had a half tank left in the car when they came to get it. The car boasts a 25/31 mpg and I found it to be accurate.

6. My teenager made me include the SOUND. He plays in a rock band but is also talented musically and I always make him help me test the audio in cars. According to him, he was shocked at how big the sound was considering the sub woofer wasn’t that big. Sound is amazing in this car.



There is only 2 real complaints I have about the Outlander. First, the third row, while super easy to pull the seat up and make the car ready for more people, the leg room between the 2nd row and 3rd row isn’t good at all. I need a 3rd row mostly because my teenage son is tall. I would have to put my youngest in the back because he is the only kid with shorter legs right now. Second, and its not a complaint as much as an annoyance, is the response. The engine is built so that the RPM’s stay more constant which I get, it helps with Gas, but when you are putting your foot down to test the speed it takes an extra bit of time to start going really fast. I prefer response to be much faster. It would help getting to on ramps for the expressway to be going at the right speed, faster than the car allows. It could be this way because I was in Eco mode the whole time.

Mitsubishi Outlander SE Specs

Price: Starting at $22, 995

At the price point I think this is a good car for families. It has enough bells and whistles for me, someone with 15-18 year old cars, and the economy gas mode is priceless. It looks nice too, not mom-mobile, more sleek. For the room, handling, great sound, I would consider buying the Outlander in the future, I can’t believe all this great stuff comes at such a nice low price point for a car!

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