Are You Prepared For Emergencies?

I know that most people don’t like to talk about planning for emergencies but with the crazy weather activity and mother nature being a beast, its not all that crazy to have a basic plan. One of the basic needs of people is food so I am going to talk about emergency food. This isn’t some massive stockpile of cookies that some extreme coupon person has saved. I am talking about real emergency food. This can include ration packs, bins of dry goods like rice and oatmeal, things that have a long shelf life and can keep you alive in an emergency.

For example, I live in Michigan. I’m not even in the upper peninsula, I am a couple counties north of the southern borders to Indiana and Ohio. but even in my southern part of Michigan we have weeks in January and February where we go from Blizzards to having below zero temps for extended periods of time. The blizzards especially can knock out power and if you have an electric stove or pilot you aren’t going to have a lot of luck cooking food.

For us, summer is actually more frightening because of the threat of tornadoes and the power going out. We also live in the country and have to have good food storage because as much as we try, in this 30 yr old house, mice from the forest think they can come in cracks and make themselves at home. I have been putting my sugar and flour and some dry goods in a plastic canister for years because I don’t want bugs and crawlies in there. But for an emergency with no power, refrigerated food can go bad so its best to have those non perishable items. I mean when you really think about it, god forbid the worst happens and we all lose power for a long time, we may even have to resort to MRE’s, like the military have to eat.

I don’t have a stockpile of canned goods or dry goods and not that I am going out and stockpiling tomorrow but because I know the winters suck so bad here, I am thinking it may be time to Buy Emergency Food. I don’t eat a lot of meat and I can get canned vegetables easy enough and beans but I want to look into options that would give us the best chance in an emergency. I hope I never have to use emergency food in my lifetime but I would rather have something than nothing when the time comes. I don’t really plan on becoming a cannibal so I think its ok to have some real food on hand!



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