I’ve Made the Switch To blu PLUS+ eCig

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After having quit smoking for 7 years, I had a very stressful summer last year and a big weakness that led me back to smoking. I don’t want to, I’d like to quit again but for that in-between, I’ve switched to blu PLUS+ eCig. I’ve tried different “vape” styles and other e-Cigs, and this version of blu is completely different.


The blu PLUS+™ eCig Rechargeable Kit is first and foremost rechargeable. I’ve paid a lot of money for e-cig systems before and cringed having to throw them away and buy more. I went online to buy the rechargeable kit:

Updated blu screenshot

The flavor is Classic Tobacco, which I am not fond of but it honestly tastes like pipe tobacco or something more smooth and classic. The nicotine is set to 2.4 mg which is the highest. I think that is the reason that these e-cigs worked so well for me because I actually got what I needed. I quit smoking regular cigarettes in 2 days by using the blu PLUS+ eCig. This might not happen for everyone, but I was completely shocked! They are easy to use, after charging the battery, you simply screw on the pre-filled flavor tank and you are good to go!


I can’t tell you how grateful I am, that there are alternatives to smoking, because after trying so many, I FINALLY found a solution that works!


As I mentioned before I did not care for the Classic Tobacco flavor that came in the kit that I ordered online. Lucky for me, I actually found the flavor tanks for the kit at my local gas station! I found Cherry and Menthol variations, and you can get three flavor tanks per box, which is about 1500 puffs. Cherry is my favorite flavor so far.


The “pack” is another impressive feature. It actually doubles as the charger for the battery! Inside there is room for 3 flavor tanks, 1 charging slot, and then room for one entire e-cig. That means you can take all of the stuff you need with you, and charge the e-cig right in the pack! It fits in a pocket just like a pack of cigarettes. It only takes 30 minutes to charge, and since you get two batteries in the kit you won’t have to be without an e-cig.


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  1. That rechargeable pack is really cool! And I love how many flavors are out there for these e-cigs, too. Thanks for sharing! #client

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