Surprising facts about diapers: cost, quality, and more

Did you know that new parents spend as much as $2,000 on diapers?  Parents spend hours researching the best items on their baby shower list, but very little time on finding out what the best diapers are for their baby.

TTPM® is a leading product review site and retail portal for toys, tots, pets and more.  The site creates more than 5,000 independent reviews annually, including video reviews, which millions of consumers access each month.  TTPM is the perfect site for parents who like to research before they purchase for their children.  The site also offers current comparative pricing and availability at major retailers (TTPM Price Check) for all reviewed products and one-click purchase.  TTPM makes parents better consumers and saves them time in the long run.

Recently, TTPM revealed the results of its Diaper Challenge. A select group of parents went through 5,000 diapers in 30 days, including 10 brands, and reviewed the diapers in 6 key categories. The categories included absorbency, odor, fit/flexibility, comfort, and quality. Participants weren’t told the prices so they could evaluate the diapers only on performance.

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The participants rated the diaper brands on a scale of 1-5.  The brands included in the TTPM Diaper Challenge included: Bambo Nature, Babies R Us, Earth’s Best, Huggies Little Snugglers, Kirkland, Luvs, Pampers Cruisers, Parent’s Choice (Walmart), Seventh Generation, Up & Up (Target).   The best overall performance with a 4.3 was from Huggies Little Snugglers that received high marks on absorbency (4.8), odor (4.3), fit/flexibility (3.8), comfort (4.8).  At $0.37 each it was considered the mid-point price range.

TTPM Diaper Challenge Info_Final

With so many people interested in eco-friendly options, TTPM also took a look at some greener brands too.  Although a selection of reviewers commented that eco-friendly diapers were not a major factor in making a purchase, nationally there is a demand.  TTPM did review three brands: Bambo Nature, Earth’s Best, and Seventh Generation. For overall performance, Seventh Generation took the lead with a score of 3.8.  Bambo Nature (3.3) and Earth’s Best (2.0).


TTPM also has an app that can help you comparison shop while you are in the store. If you are out shopping and see a lower price on TTPM, just show it to a store manager while you are in the store and most of the time they will price match.  You can download it here.

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