Candy Theme Party Recap and Pics

We had an amazing time at the birthday party last weekend! My daughter had six girls show up, a record turnout. The cake was fabulous, the decorations were perfect and the amount of candy? INSANE! But my daughter loved it, and everyone else was quite impressed with my plans and execution. I could not have done this at all without Oriental Trading Company. I am so thankful to be a blogger for them because they send me party stuff, and I make something amazing in exchange! This time they sent me items from the Lollipop Lane collection, perfect for a candy theme!

First things first, the decor… based on the tableware and specifically the napkins, I knew there would be rainbow thrown into the decorating. I didn’t want it to be a rainbow party, but a lot of the decorations had that scheme and some of the candy too. I figured a few rainbows wouldn’t hurt so bad, since everything else was pretty solid.

This amazing and long paper garland was from Walmart

Centerpiece including the cones from Oriental Trading Company, candy not included of course 😉

AlyssaParty11   AlyssaParty12
Spirals and balloons both from Walmart

Plates, napkins, cups and gumball machines from Oriental Trading Company, utensils and tablecloth from Meijer.

These little machines came with the gumballs too, and we used them for seating…they were a huge hit.

Another angle of the table full of fun 🙂 In the white dish there was gummi bears and berry skittles, and the clear cups have m and m’s

Large Storage Jars from Oriental Trading Company, holding jelly beans, suckers, and gumballs

And then there is the food! We did pizza and chips and of course the CANDY, cake and I made rainbow layered jello..more on the jello in a sec.

Strawberry LemonadeStrawberry Lemonade, I used an immersion blender to liquify the berries then froze them in ice cube trays

Large swirl pops from Oriental Trading Company, added gumballs to small ball jar and magic, instant display for the pops!

Twisty Pops from Oriental Trading Company, skittles in the cup

Gummi Sharks circling a gummi bear..the teens added red skittles for the blood…teens are weird.

The idea came from Pinterest… and they were a HUGE HIT, but let me warn you, they take a good six hours to make..

The Cake!

French Vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream frosting, and m&m’s



cakeSix layers, and there are zillions of tutorials online to make it. If you want a fast lesson, just buy three cake mixes, split batter in six pans, bake, cool, level the cakes, then FREEZE the layers with parchment between the layers. I used Wilton Gel Colors exclusively; Red, Orange, Lemon Yellow, Kelly Green, Royal Blue and Violet. It was a massive labor of love and worth every second, the whole party ooohed and ahhhed when I cut the cake and it showed its beautiful insides!


It was around this time we made the girl go out for a picture and they had so much fun!

AlyssaParty19The girl in the stripes is mine 🙂

crazytweensSunglasses from Oriental Trading

Guess The GumballsThere were 213 gumballs!!

And while we’re talking about favors, the guests got bags to load up the candy loot with mini bubbles, sunglasses and slap bracelets all from Oriental Trading and gumball tubes that I made with the tubes from Etsy.

Gumball Tube Favors

We finished the night with a slumber party, which my daughter absolutely loved. She really REALLY loved this party, her favorite of all time!! I have no idea how I will ever top this awesomeness but I am going to definitely try!!

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  1. You did a great job! It looks like it was a fun party. I really like the idea of making the strawberry ice cubes.

  2. WOW! You really outdid yourself here Candace! Were the girls in the photo jumping so high from the sugar rush I wonder?
    These ideas are FANTASTIC! I totally pinned it on my birthday party idea board!

  3. Wow that sure is a BLAST of color. The kids must have loved it!

  4. Wow, looks like she had an amazing birthday party. I love the cake and decorations. That’d make a perfect theme for any birthday girl.

  5. I found your awesome blog through google images while searching for a great party ideas. I don’t want to copy your entire party ideas, but honestly I genuinely love everything especially the cake.

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