5 Great RV Destinations that Don’t Require a National Park

Thinking about your next family vacation? I have to tell you, summer family fun is often put hand in hand with a road trip in an RV. One of the most common stops is at a national park. But it isn’t just state or national parks that can be fun in an RV.

It’s like a hotel on wheels, and everyone can keep themselves occupied in the vehicle. That means your road experience is less stressful. There’s less fighting and fewer bathroom breaks or pit stops for food. Everything is right there with you on the go. The only reason you would need to stop is to let the driver take a break or to fill up the gas tank. Investing in a motorhome is a great idea, because it actually saves money over renting one for a single trip, and you can use it again and again. The best news of all is that you can get motorhome finance that won’t impede on spending for the vacation itself.

Still not sure where you can go that doesn’t require a park visit? Try these great destinations on for size:

1) Camping at Disney

Whether you stay at Disneyland or Disney World, there are accommodations for RVs. In Orlando, the Fort Wilderness Resort offers 750 acres of parking for large RVs with full hookups, horseback riding, archery, canoeing, a water slide, and more. There’s also a free shuttle service from the RV resort to the theme parks. In Anaheim, California, there are RV parks within blocks of Disneyland that can accommodate large vehicles. It includes stores, shopping, and pools. On a good night, you can even see the fireworks from Disneyland from the RV park. Get a shuttle pass from the RV park to Disneyland for easier transportation.

2) Universal Studios

While they don’t have a campground on the premises for an RV, there are a number of great places to camp out in the RV near the entrance to the park. These RV parks offer a variety of amenities including pools, shopping, and more. Make sure you book your space well in advance. Like any other park, the space is limited and there is a high demand.

3) Sea World

It doesn’t matter if you’re going to Sea World in Orlando, San Diego, or San Antonio. All three have RV parks nearby for convenience. The parks are located close to the parks and have a variety of amenities, just like the other major attractions already mentioned. By day, you can go and enjoy the aquatic life offered at Sea World. By night you can return to the RV park and enjoy the comfort of your RV. These parks are often booked months in advance, so make sure to plan ahead.

4) Wisconsin Dells

Wisconsin Dells is home to the world’s largest water parks. It’s great fun for the entire family no matter what you do. The great news is that there’s an amazing Arrowhead RV Resort within minutes of all the attractions. It’s the perfect base to make a splash at water parks, visit the ski, sky, and stage show, or take a short drive to Devil’s Lake. Oh, and don’t forget the shopping! At Arrowhead, you have your own fire ring for campfires, and a picnic table for outdoor means or games. If you don’t want to stay in the RV, there are a few cabins available as well.

5) Las Vegas

Not only is this a destination with attractions for the entire family, but a number of hotels offer RV parking on their lots. Whether you stay outside the city in the RV, or choose to park it along the strip. Some hotels, like Bally’s Hotel and Casino, have RV parking near the back. That means you can park the RV near the action.

Happy trails!

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