3 Alternatives to Hotels When Traveling as a Family

Taking a family vacation helps build bonds while also assisting in destressing from the real world. Everyone needs to take a vacation, which is why employers offer so much vacation time. When planning your family trip, I would guess your failsafe is booking a hotel room wherever you’re going.

What would you say if I told you that there are better ways to vacation? Would you think I was crazy?

I’m happy to share with you the five alternatives to staying in a hotel when on vacation.

1) Renting a Home/Villa

The difference between a home and a villa is mostly about location. In the US, they call them vacation homes. When traveling abroad, they’re called villas. In places such as England or Ireland, they are called cottages. But no matter which name they use to sell it, the result is the same.

What do you get from this option? Personal space and a number of amenities, such as a full kitchen and sometimes a pool or garden. Everyone gets a bedroom, and you can often save money when you’re staying somewhere for a week or longer. Giving everyone space to spread out also allows for less stress for the whole family. It’s a lot easier to get along when you aren’t on top of each other for a whole week.

2) Timeshares

Over the years, timeshares have received a bit of a bad rap, but the truth is there are many benefits to purchasing a timeshare. Do you vacation in a particular place often? How often do you visit family away from home? If you make frequent stops at a particular location, a timeshare is a great investment. For instance, if you often visit certain locations in California, you may want to consider Welk Timeshare in california.

Timeshares can be purchased in several ways. There’s a fixed-week, which allows you the same week every year making it ideal for places you go to every year at the same time, such as to visit family or attend a festival. You can also get a Points Club, allowing you to use any timeshare under that management during a certain period of time. It’s really just about the timing, and the benefits are much the same as renting a home, with less hassle.

3) Camping

If your family is taking a trip to a national or state park, camping can save a lot of money. While you still pay for a permit for camping in the park, it’s fractional compared to the cost of a hotel. All you need is a camper, RV, or the right tent. Camping with a tent also allows you to keep the family mobile and explore parts of the parks system you couldn’t get to in less than a day.

In some cases, you can rent a cabin for cheaper than a hotel along common camping routes. Either way, if your family is traveling to a national or state park, camping can save money and increase the adventure.

Do you stay in hotels while travelling or do you enjoy something different? I would love to hear your hotel alternatives in the comments.

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