The Best Crock Pot Rotisserie Chicken EVER

Image © Busy-Mom , used with permission.

Seriously, have you ever seen anything more scrumptious? This is not my creation, this is Crockpot Rotisserie Chicken, the brainchild of Emily at Busy Mom who has some of the most delicious recipes! I actually DID get me a chicken and try it and it was amazing. It was hard to wait until it was actually done to eat it smells amazing. In case you missed it, it cooks in the CROCK POT, soooo easy! I used to buy those rotisserie chickens at the store too but now like Emily I just use her recipe and its cheaper and I get to smell the yummy aroma at home! My kids have asked for it twice already this month. Thank you Emily for posting that recipe, its trully DELICIOUS!


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  1. oh that does look good!! lovely photo Candy, makes me want to grab it right off the screen!

    I am heading over to Emily’s to find a few recipes for next week’s meals! I need some fresh ideas.

  2. I used to by rotisserie chickens all the time from the store. I recently bought two whole chickens to cook in the crockpot for under $6, which is about the price of a rotisserie!

  3. I am a huge crockpot fan from wayback, and this looks delicious.

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