Seared Scallops in Exotic Marinade with Edamame Puree

Seared Scallop in Exotic Marinade with Edamame Purée

This was my first time attempting my scallops appetizer for competition. Also the first time I ever made scallops! What made this fun was that I got to try my hand at inventing a recipe, and for this particular one the main reason for the challenge was the fact that I used some Japanese citrus juices from Marx Foods. Justin is a really nice guy. He sent me the three bottles of juice to try with a note attached saying that his company is going to hand out some foodie prizes for the best review. I usually don’t enter recipe contests but this one was too fun.

Let’s get started!


You will need some sea scallops, Edamame, Campari Tomatoes, baby greens, lemon, lime, and orange zest, wasabi, Enoki Mushrooms and sauces from Marx foods: Yuzu Juice, Sudachi Juice, and Kabosu Juice. GET YOUR JUICES HERE!

Yuzu: something like a blend of orange/tangerine, lemon and grapefruit
Sudachi: creamy, lemony, and quite tart
Kabosu: complex and lime-esque with layered tangy & savory notes

Marinating the scallops…this was just too easy. I wanted each scallop to have a different juice so I put em in baggies with the juice and let them sit in the fridge for about 20 minutes!

To make your Edamame purée. Add your pods to boiling salted water and blanch for 2 minutes, drain the hot water and put cold water back in. Pop the soybeans out and put them in your blender or whatever appliance you use. Add salt to taste. (If you were only using one type of marinade, you could add zest to the purée at this stage, the zest you use should match the juice you marinated in, i.e. Yuzu juice, use orange zest etc.) When you pour out that purée, add a big squeeze of Wasabi.


Ok so you don’t HAVE to add it but I think it gives it a little kick!

Set that pureé aside and grab your tomatoes. Core the tops (don’t slice them off!) and cut them in half. Get the seeds out and turn your burner on. Hold the tomatoes over the open flame until you get a good sizzle and you see the skin start to separate. It won’t take long the tomatoes are small!


After those are done grab those scallops, dry them, and sear them in a very hot pan. You only need a couple minutes or so on each side to get a nice color and sear and be careful if you over cook them they are rubbery. Its best to under cook them in the pan because they will continue to cook after you take them off the heat.

Time for Plating!

First ladle on some Edamame and then take your roasted tomato and flatten it, then put it in the middle of the sea of green. Next take some baby greens and put a few on the tomato. I used baby lettuce and arugula. After this you put your delicious scallop on top. And to finish, get some Enoki mushrooms and gently poke them into the scallop for presentation. You can eat them too they are pretty tasty for how teeny they are! (in case you missed it, and I know I did and got a stern talking to from my chef, STRAIN YOUR PUREE!)


First, for this challenge, I took my Edamame purée and split it in three bowls and added citrus zest for the different scallops, to bring out the flavor in the scallop, and it was brilliant. My plates were the same just the different flavors. Honestly because I am not a fan of lemon, the Sudachi marinated scallop was not my favorite but it was rich, and with the marinade it would be a tasty cold appetizer in the summer. I am not usually a lime fan at all but using the Kabosu was absolutely delicious. At first you think you taste lime and then these savory flavors come out of nowhere. My favorite though was the Yuzu. I tasted savory scallop and the orange aftertaste for 5 delicious minutes and wanted MORE. Having never made scallops before, let alone never marinating them in something, I think they turned out amazing.It was interesting trying all three different but related flavors. I would actually have this dish on my menu, and I would use the different juices too.

Thank you so much Justin and the Marx Foods family for allowing me the pleasure of trying your juices!

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Seared Scallops in Exotic Marinade with Edemame Puree
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Appetizer
Serves: varies
  • Sea Scallops
  • 1 pkg Edamame (with out without shell)
  • Enoki Mushrooms
  • Zest of Orange, Lime, and Lemon
  • Yuzu Juice, Kabosu Juice, or Sudachi Juice
  • Campari Tomatoes
  • Baby Greens (lettuce or arugula will work)
  • Wasabi paste (optional)
  • Salt to taste
  1. Marinate scallops in desired juice for 20 minutes in the fridge.
  2. Blanche Edamame beans in boiling salted water for 2 minutes. Drain, put cold water in. Pop the beans out and put them in the blender. Add water and purée. Add citrus zest. Add some Wasabi (optional)Set aside.
  3. Core the stem from your tomato and cut in half. Take out the seeds. Roast over open flame until the skin separates. Set aside
  4. Heat your pan to med-high heat. Take your scallops out and dry them with a paper towel.
  5. Sear the scallops for a couple minutes or so on each side.
If you wanted this for a main dish I would suggest putting 4 scallops per plate.

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    • I don’t have the juices on hand anymore to check the labels (this post was from last spring) but since the juices are all fruit juices I don’t think they would have a high salt content. You could probably use domestic citrus to marinate and have a tasty scallop but they Yuzu and other juices are from specific fruits so they have a different taste.

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