Not Just Any Tailgating Sausage – Kayem Artisan Sausages

I generally will try anything once when it comes to food, so when Kayem asked me to try their sausages I was all over it! They sent me a kit with sausages and also an apron and ladle (I think for gumbo since they sent Andoiulle)

Flavors they sent were:

Pineapple Bacon, Andouille, Fire-roasted Pepper Jack, Sweet Pepper Provolone and Sweet Sausage


I didn’t know what I wanted to try first but I grilled up the pineapple bacon and the Fire Roasted Pepper Jack. Both grilled nicely and were tasty! See the difference is that they have very high quality standards for the meat they use so you have a better experience…



I never got to taste the other 3 varieties because my husband ate.them.all. There is just something about not only artisan flavors but real meat inside the links! I don’t eat a lot of processed sausage because whatever they put in there kills my stomach. Kayem puts the good stuff in there. I am talking full of flavor people. WAY beyond hot dogs. I would rather tailgate with these, especially the Pineapple Bacon flavor, sweet, salty and yum all at the same time!

Buy It: Kayem Artisan Sausages are regional exclusive but can be found at some select stores outside of the New England area, click here for the list . The packages run about 6 bucks each…totally worth it. I am still in shock that my hubby ate so many and lived. He REALLY loved them though and this guy eats very little meat.

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