Fall Treats with Lucky Leaf Pie Filling

A few weeks ago i got an email from a pie filling company called Lucky Leaf.Makers of premium pie fillings, they had me at pie. Seriously.

I laughed at first only because I thought the name was great, because a friend of mine has a little boy named Leaf. It’s a pretty rare name so when I see products with his name on them by instinct I send a picture to my friend! They asked if I could have a fall dinner party and use the filling for some treats and I said yes. Granted the party was just me and hubby and one of our kids but I did make some great treats!

I decided to make some homeade caramel, homemade whipped cream and then I made some simple pastry dough disks, to go with the pie filling. I just used a very simple pie dough recipe for those. I tried to assemble a great tower but that caramel just oozed and I made it like a little pastry sandwich. I would call it deconstucted apple pie.

And because I never make one of anything I decided to also make a pie, but this is a mini pie made in a muffin tin. Same ingredients but an actual pie


I won’t lie I was sneaking apples right out of the can, because it CAN be used as a topping not just baked in a pie. One of the main reasons I agreed to try this pie filling is because it doesn’t have high fructose corn syrup in it. The s[ices on the apples are just right, and the taste as a whole isn’t overly sweet. This filling would actually be absolutely perfect in pastries like danish or turnovers. big yummy slices of heaven!

Learn More: Learn more about Lucky Leaf and theor pie filling by visiting the Lucky Leaf Website!

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  1. Mmmmm can you mail that? Looked so good I had to stumble and share!

  2. Oh wow that looks great! Plus I like how there is no High Fructose Corn Syrup! Going to have to check out if Lucky Leaf is sold in my store now!

    • That is my favorite part, pie in general is sweet but HFCS is something I avoid so its nice to see pie filling without it that still has plenty of sweetness!

  3. That looks sooooo good! I rarely use canned pie filling but I do love how tender the apples in them always are.

  4. I didn’t think they made pie filling anymore!! Thank you so much for posting this, it was my favorite when I was a kid and now I can make pies with it again!

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