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Being a Culinary Arts student is starting to bring me very interesting opportunities. I have just begun my journey but in my blog world, switching my blog over to a mostly food blog has absolutely changed not only the content but my excitement level. Especially when there is a rare opportunity to share something really cool that has to do with learning and cooking with my readers. The Le Cordon Bleu Institute sent me what I thought would be two really great cookbooks. Boy was I wrong. This became apparent when I opened the hardcover (which is HUGE)..


And saw instructional methods! What I mean is yes there are recipes but this is an instructional textbook just like the kind we use at my college! Literally from how to cut various shapes of vegetable to how to debone a chicken, each in full color photographs.


From what the different cuts of an animal are..


To how to make creams different ways…


These books really have it all. I was blown away at how much basic instruction there is in this book. My basic food prep class starts next semester and I am glad to have these books from Le Cordon Bleu to get a head start on learning some terms. The books are obviously heavily French based. It goes without saying that some of the best cuisine in the world can be found in France. The first Le Cordon Bleu in France actually had the pleasure of having the great Julia Child as a student! The Institutes took cues from their students to create just one reference book for use in learning. This book has really great conversion tables for metric and US and on the bottom of nearly every page is a tidbit of info that you can read to learn just that much more about the food. When I first looked at the press release after seeing the book I knew it was a textbook because they use the same net learning company that all of my online classes use as well. This is one book that will stay in my library forever. Along with the softcover recipe collections. I just love that there are learning outcomes with each dish. It makes it feel SO much like my current class!

I showed these books to chef Ian and he told me that they are good ones because they are instruction and not just recipes, and he told me I should make sure and keep them safe! I can’t use them for class next semester we have our own books to use for that class but the techniques are not all that different. This is a good resource for me to learn more!

If you have a foodie in the family or someone you know is studying culinary arts consider grabbing these books for their Christmas gift, the hardcover, Le Cordon Bleu Cuisine Foundations, the definitive guide to classic French culinary technique(IBSN-13: 1435481372) retails for $59.95 and the softcover Le Cordon Bleu Cuisine Foundations Classic Recipes(IBSN: 1111306877), also available in spiral(IBSN: 1435481380) retails for $24.95.

To get your copies of these great books, go the the Cengage website or Amazon!


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  1. Sounds like an interesting book. I have a TON of cookbooks, but not nothing with instructions like this one.

  2. I love the step by step photos….makes it kind of error proof lol.

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