Ain’t No Party Like A Cake Boss Party…


Last weekend during the International Home and Housewares show in Chicago, I had the esteemed pleasure to be invited to the private party featuring the launch of the new Cake Boss “Cakeware” line. This is a line, launching this summer, is made for people like me, the home chef trying to break into the professional side of being a pastry chef. Baking pans and fondant tools are center stage for this collection.




When I was at the party we got to hear inspiring words from a surprise guest, Rachael Ray! And she introduced the one and only Buddy Valastro!


Later we got to meet the man himself. I won’t lie, I was star-struck at first. I introduced myself and my blog and then told him about me being in culinary school and wanting to be a pastry chef. When I said that he said to me, “That’s Wonderful! Give me a hug, that’s familia!” Flabbergasted at the thought of him thinking of little ole me as family as we are in the same pastry world was just amazing. I thank him and the Meyer Corporation for having this party and Buddy for inspiring me to just go for it!




We sat right behind where Buddy was doing greets and his family was there too. I met his lovely wife and told her that she is just beautiful, and I am serious she is so beautiful in person it is amazing!



The party was amazing! The entrance to the party had a gallery of cakes lighted perfectly, it was so neat to see that artistry close up!



The next day we went to the show again and stopped at the Cake Boss booth and they had Buddy’s family in there decorating cakes and filling Cannolis. Now, if you have seen Cake Boss, you know that the best selling item in the bakery is the cannolis. And I know why because they handed out samples and OH MY GOSH it was AMAZING!


I took pictures of the products and then snuck in a request from Buddy’s daughter and his little cousin’s lady, I asked them sweetly to say hello to my best friend’s daughter who is a huge fan of the show and they were so sweet and did it for video! My friends little girl’s jaw hit the floor when we sent that video.

Great people behind this brand, some great looking products that I can’t wait to try, and an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity to meet one of my foodie icons! Thank you Buddy and Meyer Corporation for inviting me to such a special event! And thank you Paula of Frosted Fingers for giving me and my hubby a lift to Navy Pier and hanging out with us at the party!

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  1. What an exciting experience! You look fabulous too!

  2. Rachael Ray was there?!? The goddess herself. Looks like it was a really thrilling event to be at. Color me green 🙂

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