Attempting Cupcakes

I have been wanting to start learning to make cakes and cupcakes for a while. I get so inspired when I see fantastic pictures of cupcakes and cakes on Flickr! So I made some cake mix cupcakes (edible but not YUMMY) and used some craptastic frosting that came in a tube. Added some M&M’s..I feel pathetic! But at least the pic turned out ok!

And last night I spent a LOT of time pondering something. We have tax money coming this year and we generally get stuff we want. My conundrum is I now have TWO hobbies. Photography and cake decorating. I need a flash and a lens and a couple accessories for the camera. For the cake decorating I need EVERYTHING. The problem is I can’t pick one hobby over the other! I know I am making kids cakes, my daughter especially since her brthday is coming soon. I have tons of stuf in my cart at amazon but its just SO much. I can’t choose but these are my hobbies ya know? Everything else in my life is kids or hubby related.

On the other hand the cart DOES have a few things in it not related to either hobby. And if I get good enough I can get paid for cakes and photography. There isn’t a place around here that does cakes at ALL. Anyway lots to ponder. But I am having a blast e-window shopping!

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