It’s All In The Details – Sharpie Gel Highlighter Review

If there is one thing I buy a ton of in August its most definitely a supply of Sharpie’s and highlighters. This fall I have a new favorite to share with you and that is the new Sharpie GEL Highlighter!

This highlighter is different because its made of a gel, and this gel won’t smudge or smear and the best part in my opinion, is that it won’t bleed through the page. I HATE that! They do look a little funny…

I’ll admit I was skeptical I thought there was no way that it would work, it seemed so different but it did work. I don’t hesitate to highlight things in my cooking textbooks since I will never sell them, they are like my college babies! I used that pink highlighter on a passage and then I rubbed it and it for sure was permanent.

I went over it double in the first words of the sentences just to see if that would make them bleed to the next page and they didn’t. And they don’t dry out when I leave the cap off. Its easily my new highlighter of choice. My husband is also a college student and he too really likes the highlighters. I’ve reviewed quite a bit of products designed to help my college needs but this is the first time a product made me say wow out loud. Its an absolute NEED in college in my opinion, to have highlighters but to have some that don’t make a mess of the task is golden. I’m SOLD!

While I am talking about Sharpie I want to also let you know they still have a great lineup of markers and pencils and they now have fabric markers. They sent us a box of various products and I’m happy that I have a college outreach because I am sure I know some students and instructors I will be giving some Sharpies too!

But one thing they sent us was a pair of blank neckties and a set of Stained fabric markers so I handed them to my older kids and they went to town drawing and coloring! My oldest clearly had Spongebob on his mind because he made a very good portrait of Plankton on his tie. As awesome as these kids did I think my favorite aspect, is that my husband, their dad, told them both that he would be wearing those ties someday to his job when they have crazy tie day! I’ve already washed these ties to test the durability of the ink and I am so happy to report they didn’t fade!

So I think I’m pretty impressed with Sharpie for our back to school needs. I just love those Gel highlighters, its really a huge pain to get the traditional ones to work right because you have to use the right angle or you don’t get it fully covered. And of course I love Sharpie markers for labeling things and my kids love the fabric markers. I’m going to get my daughter some plain white canvas shoes so she can color some more 🙂

Sharpie also sent me 2 packs Ink it Pink markers, these special markers, aside from being the perfect shade of pink, are fabulous because for the entire month of October, Sharpie donates ten cents of the sale of each marker to City of Hope for Breast Cancer research, treatment and education. I’ve not been affected by family or anyone close to me battling breast cancer but I know as  woman I truly support breast cancer charities. So please consider buying some of these pink markers in October!


Buy It: You can get the awesome Gel highlighter, Stained Fabric Markers and all other Sharpie products at any mass merchandiser and office supply stores, like Target or Office Max!


Disclosure: I received products to facilitate this review, opinions are, as always, my own.

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  1. Sharpies are awesome. I use them to label CD and DVD’s – but I love the sharp tip, lets me write accurately. If they have something new, I’m trying it.

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