The Edge of Reality with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Samsung Gear VR

As you all know, I currently rock an Android, and I am still in love with my beautiful Galaxy Note 4. Recently I got the chance to test out a Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone and an Samsung Gear VR by Oculus unit to go along with it. I always wish I could keep the review units from Verizon but this time I really REALLY wanted to keep them. My intentions for asking to try them were purely selfish; My … [Read more...]

How To Make More Room On Your HTC 8X Windows Phone

I've had an HTC 8X Windows Phone for well over a year now and while it isn't my favorite, I'm making it work for my needs. This phone didn't come with the largest memory either, as a massive flaw in the software revealed a "temporary files" folder that was taking up gigs of memory! Thankfully they rolled out an update that gives you access to that file so you can clean it up and recover space … [Read more...]

I’m Having An Affair With A Galaxy Note 3

It started innocently enough. Verizon has been having me test out devices for months but this time I didn't have a clue which device was headed my way. I knew it was probably one of the big screen phones I discussed with my man, “AL”. I opened the package and saw that wooden box with Samsung Galaxy Note 3 shining at me and said “SWEET!” It’s my catchphrase. What can I say, I am forever a … [Read more...]

Droid Ultra VS. Droid Maxx

I am about a week or so away from a phone upgrade. As much as my Windows Phone gets the job done, I am just still not happy with the selection of apps compared to other systems. My awesome Verizon rep sent me a couple phones to compare, the Droid Ultra and Maxx. As you may recall I reviewed the Ultra last year. I told my rep I wanted something with a decent screen size, decent battery, decent … [Read more...]

Samsung ATIV Odyssey Windows Phone Review #Verizon

Having been a user of a Windows Phone since last January, I am most definitely no stranger to the operating system. While I have nothing horrible to say about Windows Phones, I do have an opinion on the devices. I received my first Windows Phone last year as part of another blogger program. Back then there just wasn't a lot of great apps. It took nearly a year for the mainstay apps, Instagram, … [Read more...]

Play Like A Girl! Verizon FiOS #PlayLikeaGirl

I have one daughter. She is amazing, active, smart and so not a girly girl. Don't get me wrong, she has her girly moments, but I have been raising her to be strong (since, like me, she has two brothers) and believe in herself. She doesn't play sports just yet in 5th grade but she really does like running on the high school track with us. She is eager to play Volleyball in a a couple years because … [Read more...]