Power Up Your Summer Nights with Energizer {Giveaway}

When I was a kid, if it was summer and the sun was up, I pretty much wasn't allowed to sit around my house. No technology to be addicted to back then means we had to make our own fun. Sometimes we'd grab flashlights after dark! Catching fireflies was a nightly thing. But have you ever thought about keeping the party going after the sun goes down? Ever wanted to play volleyball at night? Enter … [Read more...]

Up and Coming SEO Trends of 2016

We have seen a lot of changes to the way search engine optimization (SEO) is done over the years. Gone are the days of stuffing as many keywords as possible into an article or a webpage. Today, generic SEO and various other methods prove to be more effective in getting good search result rankings for websites. What can we expect from 2016? Local Search & Local SEO Local search will still … [Read more...]

Traveling With A Very Smart Watch and Power; Samsung Galaxy Gear S and Mophie Powerstation

In October, I traveled extensively. From October 7-12th I was in Miami and took my first cruise to Grand Turk in the Turks and Caicos. Then at the end of October I spent 3 days in Orlando on a press trip writing for another blogger. For both trips I was lucky enough to be reviewing the Samsung Galaxy Gear S Smartwatch and a Mophie Powerstation portable charger. I don't travel a lot but I know … [Read more...]

Surviving The Holidays With My Asus Memo Pad 7!

I am so not the type to just slap a giant smile on my face and go shopping during the Holidays. Rude people, not to mention big crowds trigger my anxiety. I don't go within 50 miles of any mall during December. This year I happened to win a couple of prizes that pretty much let me buy my kids' entire Christmas, and funny enough, the prizes came electronically and I could use them online, so I did! … [Read more...]

A Merry Music Christmas From SOL Republic – Tracks Air AND Relays Giveaway

Serendipity Mommy has had the privilege of partnering with SOL Republic for over a year and it may just be the most beautiful partnership in history for this house. If you've been a long-time reader of this blog, you know that myself and my entire family is highly talented in music. My hubby and oldest son especially have hearing that defies explanation. They are the first ones in the house to try … [Read more...]

Office 365 Review and Giveaway

As a blogger I use at least one Microsoft Office product every single day, and in my other part time job I use Excel for almost everything so I am very very well versed in the programs. Also when I was in college we had to take an office suite course to get a degree so its safe to say I know my way around the "office". I also know how expensive the program can be, so when Microsoft Office 365 came … [Read more...]