Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters – Review

I'll admit it. I am a chronic snacker. I also tend to gravitate to sweet snacks. Danish is a horrible habit for me. I tend to eat junk food in the car on trips to the college to take my exams. Recently, Nature Valley and My Blog Spark sent me a great pack of goodies. There were four different flavors of Granola Nut Clusters, some binoculars, a reusable steel canteen, a hand powered flashlight and … [Read more...]

Waterlicious Review

I will admit I am not a water drinker. I can't stand it. Its got to be flavored. My kids like water though. It took my daughter a long time to just be happy with water. I occasionally like to treat them with juices or chocolate milk. But I want to make sure they are getting the proper nutrition and not too much sugar. Waterlicious contacted me and asked me to try their water. From their … [Read more...]

Baby Dipper Bowl Review

Birthdy Bash Giveaway #8!! The Baby Dipper is a specially designed bowl that is slanted towards the front of the bowl to keep the food from going all over the bowl, like traditional bowls do. i always hated chasing the food around the bowl to get it on the spoon. Baby Dipper sent me a bowl and spoon set to try with Aiden. Aiden has been a self feeder for a few months but he's not yet good … [Read more...]

SodaStream Review

Have you ever wanted to make pop (what we northerners call soda) at home? I have an unhealthy habit of drinking a lot of store bought pop and all that sugar...yikes! I had heard on the radio that there was an actual machine that makes the carbonated water and you add the flavor. I let it go for a while and forgot until I got into contact with the fine folks over at SodaStream. They sent me a … [Read more...]

Zuvo Water Purator – REVIEW

How many of you out there have tried water purification systems? Chances are most of you have whether its a complete house system or a pitcher system, many of us yearn for that pure good tasting water. Too many of us however turn to bottled water. The problem with bottled water is that the waste is horrible. Did you know that plastic bottle make up over 1.5 million tons of plastic waste The home … [Read more...]

Zuvo Water – Water Purification

I don't know why but for a time I shelled out money bottles of water and plastic jugs of water. We can't drink our water from the tap its filled with metals and is very hard. So we use a pitcher filter system. It'd be nice to skip that step and just have great water right there at the sink. I want to get one of these Zuvo things. It uses only TWO cartridges a YEAR, and I like that. If you want to … [Read more...]