Too Funny T-shirts –

There is nothing I love more than a unique and funny t-shirt. As a mom and busy college student I wear casual t-shirts almost daily. I happened to mention that when I go to Brandcation 4 in October, we should have a funny t-shirt contest. And wouldn't you know, asked me to review some!   It took me a long while to decide on what to get. I am a huge star wars fan and also … [Read more...]

Kushyfoot Sandals Review

I can't say I have ever needed to keep an extra pair of shoes in my purse. I don't wear heels unless I am required too so there isn't a need. But I do think it is cool that there is a company that has portable shoes that can roll up and fit in a purse. Kushyfoot is the company and they sent me a pair of Sandals in slate to review.   The sandals are extremely thin, it is like walking … [Read more...]

Valentine Fashions from The Children’s Place

Looking for last minute ideas to dress your cutie for Valentine's? Check out The Children's Place. I've been working with them for a couple years now getting the pleasure of sneak peaks of the new stuff and trying a few pieces. For my daughter who is nearly 9, I had to have the skirt from this adorable cherries line, and she has already begged me for the complete outfit. The skirt is just as … [Read more...]

New Dragon Knight Line from Kidorable

I worked with Kidorable last year and really enjoyed the rain gear that we got. This year Kidorable unveiled a new designed called the Dragon Knight Collection. This adorable lineup features a jacket that resembles a suit of armor, an umbrella that resembles a sword, boots with lots of character and a backpack to match. And of course the adorable matching hanger for the coat. Kidorable sent my son … [Read more...]

4 Coats, 4 Brands, Which Coat Reigns Supreme?

The challenge was simple enough. Try out 4 different coats from 4 different brands, evaluate every aspect on the coats, and give my opinion on them and also choose which one I liked the best, as in, which jacket seemed to out shine the rest. We tested zippers, snaps, inspected seams, you name it we checked it. As luck would have it we got our first accumulation of snow that caused a snow day for … [Read more...]

Stay Warm This Winter With The Children’s Place

Isn't she just the cutest? This is my beautiful daughter Alyssa. I happened to be working with The Children's Place when the very same night she came up to me and told me she needed a new hat because the ear from her current hat had fallen off. She loved that hat, perhaps a little too much. At any rate, I received a $25 gift card from TCP to go shopping and what better timing, it was time to get … [Read more...]