Ease Back Pain with Moji Review and Giveaway! CLOSED

  I have been a lower back pain sufferer since my early twenties. The problem is I am very large chested and it just kills my back having to hold a good posture. I have tried many things through the years but nothing has ever helped me until Moji came into my life. Let me show you what Moji does...       The Moji is a portable system you can wear that uses heat … [Read more...]

So Kiss Me! Softlips PURE Review and Giveaway

I have to say that I was blessed with pretty nice lips. Not too big, not too small, and look great with lipstick or gloss. I tend not to wear either often because hubby doesn't like kisses with stuff on my lips. But for the times I want to just put the finishing touch on my makeup I go for glosses. Softlips is a well known name when it comes to lip glosses. I have used their stuff for … [Read more...]

Natural Products From All Terrain – Review

Having a family that has a lot of allergies and sensitivities I am always in search of natural and "green" products because the skin of the people in this house needs special care sometimes. All Terrain is a company that makes natural soaps, creams, and even bug spray that is not only free of harmful chemicals but also they make their products with cruelty free techniques. I love nature (except … [Read more...]

Baby Magic- Baby Products Not Just for Babies!

The economy has forced a lot of people to learn new ways to save money. This is especially true for people who want to stretch their dollar and buy things with more than one use. Baby Magic, one of the most respected names for baby care, and in my family the best smelling, has items that definitely fit the description. Baby Magic sent me some Baby Wash, Baby Powder and Creamy Baby Oil for … [Read more...]

Thera-Wise Healing Ointments

Thera Wise is a Canadian based company that manufactures and distributes natural, body friendly, and biodegradable healing ointments. They have four different kinds:  Acne, Skin Healing, Congestion rub (think Vicks), and a hemorrhoid cream.  We have issues with skin here. We battle acne with our 12 year old, and then my husband and 12 year old also both have Eczema. I happened to get a chest cold … [Read more...]

Amon Maternity Review & Giveaway – CLOSED & WINNER!

Of course I am definitely NOT pregnant at this time but I do like to try and look my best. I need to drop some pounds but in the meantime I needed something to hold my tummy in. Amon Maternity asked me to review their Forgive body shaper. Its been almost a year since I had Aiden and I really wish I had been wearing a shaper since his birth! Ok I ordered it in black. I am not taking pictures … [Read more...]