New Kids On The Block Cruise 2016 Part 2

Read part one HERE So, we left off on night one, after Sail Away. On the first night is the game show, and dining group B goes first while we eat. I'm pretty sure we went to the dining room but I am forgetting because by this point I already had 2 drinks in me. While the other group was in their show, we got ready for purple night. Pretty soon it was time for our game show! This year I was … [Read more...]

New Kids On The Block Cruise 2016 Part One

It's been a month since my cruise, and yes I know you are like "WTF Candy, you know we've been waiting!" I know, I'm sorry! I literally stepped off that boat and straight into midterms for college and around 25-30 recipes I had to create and photograph for bloggers. I have been BIZZAY. But I can tell you this recap should be shorter than last time because it wasn't my first time, I didn't have as … [Read more...]

A Weekend With New Kids On The Block Part 2

So part one of this story left off at the morning after the Coney Island concert. I woke up super early with Stephanie to ride with her into the city and take photos while she put in 4 hours at her office.  I had a fun time exploring but was not feeling well at all because of the food intolerance the day before and because I was reaaaalllly tired. This caused me to not explore near as much as I … [Read more...]

A Weekend With New Kids On The Block Part 1

A month ago I was in New York City, my first time ever, and a bucket list photography destination! I wasn't there just for photos, I went to see my fave five, New Kids on the Block! They already slated the Mixtape Festival in Hershey, PA but threw in a very special one-night-only concert at Coney Island in Brooklyn, NY for 2 nights before Mixtape. Now because it took about 2 days of travel getting … [Read more...]

New Kids On The Block Cruise Pt.4

Read part 1 HERE Read part 2 HERE Read part 3 HERE The final day started early with me and Diana meeting up with her crew to go have Brunch in the dining room. It was sooooo amazing honest that dining room has the BEST food! I had such a fun time eating with the girls and getting to know them! Diana's sister and her crew were great, they knew Diana was sick a lot with migraines but came and … [Read more...]

New Kids On The Block Cruise Pt. 3

Read part 1 HERE Read part 2 HERE Okay, I know it's been a while since the last post but what can I say, the Holidays and my college finals and other stuff had me busy but here I am! We left off starting day 3 in Grand Turk, man I'd give my left arm to be there right now! Okay so after I got back to the boat and had food with my roomie (we ran into the Scottsmen and Bikini sisters from Season … [Read more...]