New PhotoWorks Studio Photo Books from American Greetings

I just made my first photo book! I know you are thinking, wait a sec, Candy takes a ton of photos how can she not have any books printed? I don't really have an answer that is any better than this. These books can be complicated! But not with PhotoWorks Studio from American Greetings. This studio has already made designs you basically just drag and drop photos into! Editing text is really simple … [Read more...]

Shopping For Appliances

I hate shopping for appliances online. You literally cannot get a feel for what the actual sizes are. But I guess to get an idea and compare shopping  prices its a good idea to start online just so I can get a general idea of the dimensions and of course find the style I like. Oh and we absolutely cannot forget that I am a stickler for finding the best shopping deals for said items! I am such a … [Read more...]

Love Is In The Air

Did you know that Valentine's Day is one of the most popular days to propose marriage? There are so many different ways you can pop the question. A fancy dinner, on a cruise, on a vacation some place warm. This list goes on forever! When I got engaged it wasn't fancy at all. My hubby, boyfriend at the time, had been engaged before and was burned bad by the whole romantic idea so he just kinda … [Read more...]

I Admit It, I love Fashion!

I am one of those people who watched America's Next Top Model. I do love the fashions! Not that I am the shape of a model but I LOVE when I see flowing dresses. I think it would be AMAZING to go to Fashion Week to check out all the new designer clothes! I am mostly wearing frumpy mom clothes because I am way more apt to buy my kids designer duds than me. I think this year I am going to be … [Read more...]