Monitor Your Teen’s Driving With These Apps

Image CC FlickrAs you wonderful loyal readers know, I have a teenage son. He is 18. I’ll have a teenage daughter in a month or so, EEK! My son got his license at age 17 because we couldn’t afford the $500 in costs for driving school. Back in my day, you got to have free training in high school! At any rate, I’ll never forget being so scared when I had to ride along for his driving tests. But then something happened…he surprised me by being a very good driver, even better than me at that age!

Did you know there are apps out that can help you monitor your teen’s driving? As parents we want to trust our kids but good parents will make their kids earn that trust. Having a glimpse into those habits and talking through any hits or misses, having an open communication is key in turning out good drivers.

Here are 5 apps that you can use right now to monitor your teen’s driving.  Maybe you are concerned that your teen is driving to fast? It’s good to know this because having your child on your car insurance will raise it even if they have a clean driving record. Knowing there is a potential problem before it gets out of hand will save you hundreds in the long run.

Personally, I’d love to think my child is the best driver around, but in complete transparency he did get cited for speeding once. Thankfully it wasn’t a high amount over and he was able to take a state test that would prevent him from having points on his license. He paid for his own ticket too, a very costly reminder that you are not out of the woods. Most teens make at least one mistake in their first couple years of driving, myself included. If my mom had peace of mind knowing my driving habits back then, she could have been proactive in helping me learn to drive better and be more aware.


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