National Prematurity Awareness Month: Dispelling Five Common Pregnancy Myths 

National Prematurity Awareness Month: Dispelling Five Common Pregnancy Myths By Dr. Sam Ho, chief medical officer, UnitedHealthcare and Debra Ness, president of National Partnership for Women & Families November is National Prematurity Awareness Month, a time for families nationwide to think about the health of expectant mothers and babies, and about how to have a safe and healthy … [Read more...]

NKOTB Cruise 2017 Recap Part 6 – The Ocean Is A Bitch and Delay Of Game

Read all the other blog posts first! 1, 2, 3 4 5 Okay so we made it to the last day. The ocean was not giving us up without a fight. This cruise was horrible for boat sway. I have SEVERAL friends who have never ever had sea sickness and they were down for the count on more than one occasion. I am lucky, I had no issues. But let's just say that shitty part where the photo days and concerts got … [Read more...]

NKOTB Cruise 2017 Recap Part 5 – The Time I Skipped Mexico (Again)

Read these first! - Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 Day 3 already and it was flying by. Faster than normal which generally means I must have been having a great time. That's the thing, I don't even have horror stories or anything really bad because I am either really lucky to have a good time every time OR I am not drunk enough and way too much in control of what happens on the ship. It's a little of both, … [Read more...]

NKOTB Cruise 2017 Recap Part 4 – When I Wished I Was Wearing Depends And Realized I’m Really Not Cool

In case you missed it, here is parts 1, 2 and 3 - All caught up? Good. Superhero Night. Admittedly I am a massive comic book fan and hated this theme, mostly because there is very little room to be original. There was going to be a million wonderwomen, super girls, batgirls, and I am not one of many I am a lone wolf. I rebelled so hard on this theme that this was the core of my … [Read more...]

NKOTB Cruise 2017 Recap Part 3 – The Boat’s A Rockin’ and Photo Day Awkwardness

We  got up early on day two to get ready for pictures. I am used to being ready early and waiting in line by 9 AM. Angel, not so much. It took her longer to wake up, even longer to get ready. I wasn't about to leave her alone so I waited with her. I found our group with 15 minutes to go and was shocked to learn that they gave our Donnie spots away. They said they couldn't find us or contact us and … [Read more...]

NKOTB Cruise 2017 Recap Part 2 – Sailing Away and Missing The Ball

After being able to actually sleep after that epic pre-party, I nearly jumped out of bed the next morning bright and early. The plan was to get to the terminal as fast as possible for a couple reasons. The Bh we were traveling with had a crap TON of stuff to put on her door and a big sign to hang on the deck. I wanted to be in the first boarding group so that I didn't have to climb chairs to get a … [Read more...]